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Success in life requires good reading and spelling skills - we give children and adults the help they need to achieve these essential skills...


WordsWorthLearning© is for Struggling Readers and Spellers

It's a Programme that improves literacy skills:
  • Developed by a Speech & Language Therapist: a specialist in resolving specific learning difficulties (including dyslexia)
  • Suitable from 6 years-old up to adulthood
  • Used by teachers - ideal for use in ‘Learning Support’ in schools
  • Parents can help their child at home on their own devices
  • It's affordable and can be completed in one school term
  • There is 'results-based' evidence to prove that it works
  • It also improves reading comprehension and vocabulary
  • NO training is required - use it on PC or Tablet
  • It's easy - just watch video tutorials and do some exercises

Augmented Reality (AR) for Students Diagnosed with ADHD

This AHA Research Project was funded by the European Union and led by Professor Eleni Mangina (UCD). It involved over 100 children in Ireland that had been diagnosed with ADHD. It introduced new 'Augmented Reality' features into our online literacy programme WordsWorthLearning© and the objective was to make learning more fun and more interesting (think of Pokemon Go - but for education). We had a fantastic response from volunteers to try this exciting new approach to teach reading and spelling. The literacy outcomes for the children that were involved are impressive and will be published in the near future. "Watch this space" .


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