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Unlocking Success: Empowering Children and Adults with Essential Reading and Spelling Skills


“By the end of the Programme Charlotte’s confidence with reading, writing and spelling was at an all-time high”

In these unprecedented times, with a pandemic which has adversely affected children’s education, I recently received this unsolicited testimonial from the mother of a child that had just completed the WordsWorthLearning programme. Charlotte, Clare and I worked as a team, a perfect example of collaborative learning.

Following on from a full Educational Psychological Assessment of my daughter Charlotte age 9 (with a suspected & subsequently confirmed Specific Learning Difficulty) we were unbelievably blessed to be referred to Rita Treacy of WordsWorthLearning to assist Charlotte with her Spelling and Reading difficulties. From day one, Rita and Charlotte got on so well and Charlotte engaged completely with everything Rita showed and taught her. We began a nine month journey seeing Rita every two weeks and being guided through the amazing, unique and special programme that is WordsWorthLearning. Even during a Pandemic, Rita kept us going and Charlotte thrived under Rita’s expert guidance. By the end of the Programme Charlotte’s confidence with reading, writing and spelling was at an alltime high. When the programme finished Charlotte’s ability to ‘attack’ and 'sound out’ words was astounding, to a point where both her reading and reading comprehension skills improved by 6 years over a 9 month period. She is now three years ahead of her age level on both! Charlotte’s spelling has also improved by over 3 years, moving from 'well below average and in need of help' to ‘average’ for her age and is on track to improve even further. Charlotte now has the tools to read and spell for the rest of her life and we are so deeply grateful to Rita for changing Charlotte’s life so dramatically and positively. I cannot recommend Rita’s Programme enough and have no hesitation in telling absolutely anyone that it is truly unique and surely the gold standard for assistance with reading and spelling throughout the world.  

Clare, Dublin 18. 26th June 2021


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