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WordsWorthLearning© - The Programme


WordsWorthLearning© - The Programme

WordsWorthLearning Programm

What is it?

WordsWorthLearning© is a web application for helping students with a STen score of 4 or less for reading and spelling, who are struggling to keep up at school. It contains a series of video tutorials each enhanced with computer graphics and supported with interactive reading and spelling exercises to resolve the problem. It offers teachers a classroom tool either via the interactive whiteboard, PC or Tablet devices. It also gives parents/children a PC/Tablet based literacy programme that can be used privately at home. The good news is that it is now being used “collaboratively” with the schoolteacher, parent and child all working together using the same programme, both in school and at home - with significant results. Watch the video for more information.

What’s does it contain?

WordsWorthLearning© is a digital replica of what was originally a 'paper based programme' used in a private practice service, for remediating reading and spelling problems. Using PC/Tablet technology over the internet gives us the opportunity to deliver the service at a significantly lower cost. The digital version contains the equivalent of sixteen 1:1 therapy sessions with all the original supporting content. The online program includes:

  • 104 video tutorials each enhanced with computer graphics
  • 330 interactive reading and spelling exercises
  • A phonemic approach involving speech sounds
  • Unique rules for teaching the “mechanics” of reading and spelling
  • Strategies to enhance vocabulary repertoire and understanding
  • An intuitive approach with no special training or technical knowledge required
  • A simple registration process requiring a name, email address and password
  • An online sign-up facility to purchase a 1 year (single user) licence
  • A multiple-choice questionnaire to track progress through each of the seven levels

How does it work?

The seven hierarchical levels in the program follow an analytical line which must be followed step-by-step, in the correct order, for the program to work successfully:

Level 1: Sound/Symbol Association
Level 2: Sound Sequencing
Level 3: Reading and Spelling of “pseudo” words
Level 4: Rules for Reading and Spelling: 20 Rules are introduced in detail
Level 5: Reading and Spelling “real” single syllable words of increasing complexity
Level 6: 9 Syllable Division Rules are introduced for both reading and spelling
Level 7: Prefixes and Suffixes: simple prefixes and suffixes, 2 syllable and complex suffixes are introduced explained

Proof that it works!

There have been several results-based evidence research projects to test the efficacy of the programme. Consistently they have all shown significant and positive outcomes. Remember this mnemonic 8←10→11+ which gives a true indication of the success of the program. It was taken from a study where 220 students were tested before and after using the programme over 13 half-hour sessions. Before starting, their average age was 10 years old and their average reading age was 8 years old; Afterwards, their average reading age was 11 plus years. Results from two of the studies can be viewed here:

Study 1: Click here for → Dr. Michael O’Leary Statistical Analysis (2007)

Study 2: Click here for → Dr. David Millar Statistical Analysis (2011)

Augmented Reality (AR) for Students Diagnosed with ADHD

This AHA Research Project was funded by the European Union and led by Professor Eleni Mangina (UCD). It involved over 100 children in Ireland that had been diagnosed with ADHD. It introduced new 'Augmented Reality' features into our online literacy programme WordsWorthLearning© and the objective was to make learning more fun and more interesting (think of Pokemon Go - but for education). We had a fantastic response from volunteers to try this exciting new approach to teach reading and spelling. The literacy outcomes for the children that were involved are impressive and will be published in the near future. "Watch this space" .

Parents, teachers, learning support - all working together!

WordsWorthLearning is also designed to work as part of a “Flipped Classroom” model where each student will access the prescribed lessons, at home, using the online program:

  • By using online video tutorials and interactive exercises students can pause, rewind and re-watch lessons, truly learning at their own pace
  • Doing the “homework” in class gives teachers a much better insight into each student’s learning style and (importantly) those having difficulty
  • A teacher can discuss and review the previous night’s lessons with the class allowing all students to construct meaning and understanding
  • A teacher can use this approach to create a “learning together” ethos – where they all participate helping and learning from each other
  • The teacher can then set the next set of lessons to be learned at home
  • The teacher has a much better insight regarding “attainment” and can work with individuals and small groups in class much more often and create experiences that allow students to construct meaning and understanding
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