EU Arete Project – Pilot 1


Augmented Reality (AR) is at the cutting edge of disruptive education, and the use of these new technologies is  anticipated to have a major impact on education as we know it today. The ARETE project aims to support the pan-European interactive technologies effort both in industry and academia, through interactions within AR technologies. 

WordsWorth Learning Ltd (WWL), is involved in the ARETE project Pilot 1 “Using Augmented Reality to Facilitate Teaching English Literacy Skills” which aims to reach approximately 360 students who attend English Speaking schools across Europe, along with their parents and teachers. The participants of Pilot 1 will have access to our innovative ‘evidence based’ WWL AR App, which involves an exciting journey through an educational ‘galaxy’ to learn competent reading and spelling skills to help the student reach their academic potential.  

All participants involved (students, parent and teachers) will have access to a free (1-year) WWL-AR App licence. For the purpose of research, parents will be required to complete an online ‘ProfilED’ Multidisciplinary Case History Form, which will be analysed to identify specific variables that are relevant to the use and success of AR in education. 120 students who are currently underachieving in English literacy tasks will undergo standardised assessments of reading and spelling skills both pre and post intervention, to measure the impact of using the WWL-AR App. A further 120 students (Control Group) who are also are currently underachieving in English literacy tasks will undergo standardised assessments of reading and spelling skills both pre and post their regular school literacy intervention over the same time span, to compare the impact of both models. The Control group (students, parent and teachers) will then receive a free (1-year) WWL-AR App licence to explore the programme themselves. In compliance with GDPR and Data Protection regulations, all participants data will be initially ‘pseudonymised’ (given a code) and once all the data is collected, it will be fully ‘anonymised’ in order that no participant could be identified. 

The goal of the Arete research project Pilot 1 is twofold: 1) to understand whether or not AR facilitates the teaching of competent English literacy skills and 2) to identify what types of primary school children most benefit from this mode of intervention using Augmented Reality. 

The Pilot 1 recruitment process started on 5th October 2020, if you are interested in participating or following the project progress, follow ARETE project on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook. Teachers are invited to apply to be part of this exciting project via the following link: By 23rd October 2020.  

The selected Teacher Co-ordinators will be officially notified by European Schoolnet.

The ARETE project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 856533 and this is an -Open-Call-for-Teacher-Coordinators-Pilot-1.