Dyslexia Unravelled

DYSLEXIA UNRAVELLED (Author: Rita Treacy) was published on 8 May 2017 and has received positive reviews.

The book, in very clear language, provides guidance and direction to any parent who has even the smallest concern that their child may not be performing to their potential. It also offers insight and direction to teachers who can often recognise that a child has a difficulty with their reading and spelling but that child is not “eligible” for any learning support or follow up in the school system.

Literacy problems can be remediated if appropriate action is taken when problems become evident. This book “Dyslexia Unravelled” explains the best courses of action that can be taken.

It’s available now in good bookshops and online.

Rita Treacy – Consulting Speech & Language Therapist, specialising in dyslexia.

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