A tool for children and adults with dyslexia…..

The following description is included as part of the dyslexia course material on the Institute of Child Education and Psychology (ICEP Europe) website:

“The WordsWorth Literacy Programme has been developed in Ireland by Rita Treacy, a speech and language therapist who specializes in working with children and adults with dyslexia. Originally offered as a private consultation service the programme is now also available online and is suitable for both children and adults. The multi-sensory web-based sessions are designed to improve both reading and spelling. The programme can be done at the learners own pace and compared to traditional methods WordsWorth works very quickly (14 to 16 weekly half hour sessions). Teachers can also access WordsWorth on interactive whiteboard for either individual or classroom sessions. While this programme began as an individual intervention it is increasingly being used in classrooms and schools and used collaboratively by parents and teachers.”

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