NEW Student Progress Tracker Installed

NEW –  Student Progress Tracked using Multiple-Choice Questionnaires


Each student’s progress is now measured and documented using 12 multiple-choice questionnaires. The student will be instructed to do the multiple-choice questionnaire after completing each one of the 7 Levels.  There are 10 questions in each one and the results will be shown on the screen at the end of each questionnaire. The results can also be printed as a PDF. Some of the more advanced Levels have more than one questionnaire. Based on the results the student’s progression of achievement is tracked and monitored and where appropriate revision is instructed to meet the individual students learning needs. Revision consists of re-watching a particular video tutorial that contains the element/s that the student had missed or had not fully understood.

The student can access the Questionnaire to try again, at any stage and as many times as might be required. The picture below shows just how easy it is to select and click the Questionnaire that has been indicated.

Student Progress Tracking

WordsWorthLearning© is an online programme that contains a complete step-by-step solution for remediating reading and spelling difficulties including dyslexia. It teaches the “mechanics” of reading and spelling over a series of 7 levels:

Level 1: Sound/Symbol Association – begins at the cusp between pre-reading / spelling and early reading/spelling stages, with a focus on articulation awareness and the identification of 43 speech sounds / phonemes and their respective graphemes (letters).

Level 2: Phonological Processing – pseudo words are used to teach the student to discern and identify the target sounds, the number and the order of sounds in a nonsense word.

Level 3: Reading & Spelling – using pseudo words, with direct reference to the Vowel and Consonant charts that are supplied with the programme.

Level 4: Rules for Reading & Spelling – 20 rules are introduced in detail, expanding on common rules but also incorporating rules that are unique to the programme.

Level 5: Reading & Spelling – real single syllable words of increasing complexity and irregular words are taught using an innovative ‘visualisation’ strategy.

Level 6: 9 Syllable Division Rules – introduced for both reading and spelling, involving words containing up to seven syllables. Word “patterns” are used to explain the irregularities of written English.

Level 7: Prefixes & Suffixes – simple prefixes and suffixes, two syllable and complex suffixes are introduced and explained.

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